Medical Laser Delivery

Our prescription for medical lasers: CeramOptec®

The medical applications for our fibers are vast and growing every day. Laser ablation, tissue welding, and PDT are among the most common uses in fields like urology (BPH, kidney stones), ophthalmology (AMD, glaucoma), OB&GYN (cysts), cardiology (TMR, angioplasty), hair removal, aesthetic procedures, ENT, PDT, general surgery, orthopedics, gastrology, colonoscopy (pulps and cysts), leg veins, dentistry, and veterinary applications. Our fibers are even used to precision-deliver stents to the brain.

CeramOptec® Solutions: Silica/silica and hard-clad fibers with high power handling abilities, deep UV to NIR wavelengths, and custom probes